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Ok, thank you for entering. First i'll explain how the game was created and how it was played. It all began with a computergame called Mechforce by Ralph H. Reed, Mechforce is to my knowledge, only available on the Amiga and is non-realtime strategy wargame played upon a hexagon mapped terrain. You can also run it on other platforms through Amiga emulators such as the UAE. You move your Mechs around the different terrains and try to take out your opponents mechs.

The game is as i understand loved by people all over the world, even though the Amiga is pretty dead as a game platform. We still pull out our old Amigas once in a while to play this great game. Well, after playing the game for a while the story "behind" the game seemed interesting and the role-playing game was purchased by Andreas Engström. The work that FASA had done on this game was incredible with novels, worldbooks and loads of other stuff. We played the roleplaying game and became familiar with the houses and personalities of the inner sphere.

And one day back in 1991, Peter Gustafsson had a brilliant idea when he was soldering on an old IBM 286 motherboard at school, why not setup an own game like those played at Solaris VII. The basic rules were, you should have a team of 6 warriors and mechs and play against an opponent. More rules were then added to give the game more flavor and playability. One obstacale were that the rules had to be adaptable with the computergame so they became "external" rules, meaning we kept many changes on paper and file because we couldn't reprogram Ralphs computergame.

Peter gathered 7 of his friends and explained the idea and it was a hit! 8 teams from the inner sphere and the periphery was created and the game was on. Games were played head to head with stats being recorded and point being counted to make tables just like in any sports league, with all kind of stats being displayed. Basically we just had fun!

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