Punisher, Consultant in scattered steel

Punishers War Journal, the final chapter

Once, he was known as Frank Castle, however, due to the slaughter of his
family-he became the Punisher as you may know. In a devastating fight
against King-Pin (his sworn enemy), on Luna 5 (one of these uranium mines
on the moon in the early 21 st century), they both fell down in a -271 Celsius
container for storage of toxic plutonium. In the early 28 century, Punisher was
found and de-freezed by some archeologists. Somehow, they also de-freezed King-Pin
and the fight continued. Unfortunately, they killed some bystanders and destroyed
a shopping mall (known as the Wal-Mart 100 massacre after the number of casualties)
and after Punisher took a slug in the chest and was captured, they decided to put
him back where they found him, brrrr. In the 32 century, some space-trekkers found
him again.
This is Punishers own words "We meet some belt-pirates who tried to capture the ship.
I taught them a lesson, blew up their ship and gave them the death-penalty
(all with my old trusty UZI and a couple of frags)."
The trekkers understood the value of this fighting machine and sold Punisher on the
black market to an old, small man, granpha Yoda. Punisher is bound to serve Yoda for
at least one season (otherwise a little sond somewhere in his blood-system will explode,
only the trekkers can remove it). Yoda has promised to keep up the search for King-Pin,
who mysteriously disappeared in the shopping mall incident 300 years ago.

Further down is an in action photo of the Punisher taken under the Kilmaris Siege when he killed 25 Cops.