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Sat, 18 August 2000 18:32:09

email feed from Liao:

Received: FROM BY stssmtpa1 ; Fri Aug 17
10:28:23 3050 +0200
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id ; Fri, 17 Aug 3050 10:29:09 +0200
Message-ID: <27BCE50B8F3BD31198210008C7BBA3AB01A6E737@SRSSTOMAIL>
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Cpt=F6m_Dead?=
To: "''"
Subject: Open letter from Cpt Dead
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 3050 10:29:08 +0200
MIME-Version: 1.0
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Content-Type: text/plain;

Quit your pathetic babbeling, you all know Davion cheted or
else they would have stand no chane against my superior skill and expertice.

I admit I was taken totlay by suprise by the Davion dirty tactics, I had
never expected them to cheat but now I know better and the next time you
will not get away so easy Phunicher.

I think it is a new consept for Davions to cheat.
Acctualy I think they did't have the brainpower to come up with any dirty
tricks before.
But with there new criminal and demented leader Phunicer I think there
is no end to how low and dirty they can get. Only good thing about it is
that finally Kurita
has restored it's honor and bannished the pchycopath Phunicer from there
We will meet again Davion and then when I stomp the twisted remains of
Phunichers cockpit into the dirt of the oiled soked arena this little matter will
finally be settled.
I know you have been gunning for me Phunicher ever since that fake Battle of
the Captains, who was only a coverup from you and those now dead beltpirates led by
Kamikaze Ulk to assasinate me, Cpt Dead. But I promise you the next time we meet
they will have to hire a mole to dig you out from the ground.

Phunicher you are a disgrace to all mechwarriors and tho all of humantiy.
I can't belive that the Davions would sink so low as to hire a murderer to
lead there team. I can understand there shame for the beating they took from
me and most others in the 3048 turnamnet, but to sink so low as to hire a
convicted mentaly disturbed murderer just to avoid getting such a humiliating
defeted as in 3048 is just to much.

What will you do when Cpt Dead runs wild on you!

With Dealiest Regards
Cpt Dead of the Liao Death Heads

Fri, 17 August 2000 21:34:45

Once agin MArik is coky like no one other ok Marik scum I now that you
bought the refeere so do come here and play tuff guy beacuse I can take you

All power To Stiner Thotenkfops

Chaos is the way of nature just follow the way and you will be safe take a
wrong turn and you are lost for ever.

Kaleb Dark.

Fri, 17 August 2001 21:21:10

One can only see that the silence from steiner after the resounding defeat
against the better Marik side has put them to a seldom heard silence.......

Mike Torello, winner

Sun, 05 August 2001 16:34:31

Yes, one can only see the facts of the Marik-Steiner game, even when Steiner has
the upper hand they can't capitlize on the opportunity. They are fools
and incompetent droolers.

Mike Torello, Victorious as usual.

Wed, 23 November 2000 16:38:34

Davion has won yet another victory!
As you may have noticed, the Davion has suffered from insufficient
leadership the last two years. The Brady bunch (heavy metal posers, really)
are now picking corn on a remote planet and are replaced by the playing
coach/manager behind the once so successful Kurita Yoda family, the one and only Punisher.
The yodas, rest in pease in you mansion, however, your fighting spirit will
be an important part of my march to victory this season.
Cpt Dead and his men tried, of course, to fiddle with one of my mechs
before the battle. He was caught red handed, losing his Liao beret in the escape.
Due to good sportsmanship, we at Davion was satisfied with bringing Liao to court
and then get down to business-Batteling! Due to minor teams (Nothern stars or Sparta),
the officials decided to tune the weapon system to equlize reloading times.
This would make the leauge more exiting-stupid i would say, and i heard that the rule
will soon dissapear. However, since we where slaughtering Liaos on the battlefiled like
trolls do with mushrooms in the forest, Liao should be very happy that our lasers reloaded like LRMs.
I pray for a fair season without dirty tricks from the rouge teams in the outer realms.
Davion one, the rest nothing.

May the best team win!

Wed, 23 November 2000 16:35:34

Open letter from Cpt:Dead

Some one had tamperd with the recycling computer for all mech in both mine and
the Davion team so instead of the usual reloding times all weapon had a
reloding time of 40sec. I am not accusing Davion (YET) although the proffited
greatly from this sabotage as ther slow recycling LRM mech´s could fire at the
same rate as my teams fast shooting Ultra Cannons. We are currently
investigating this sabotage and reprocutions will be taken. We also have a hard
time to accept the ruling of the mechworld council that the match who got
interupted by sesmic activity got ruled in Davino favour. As I my self and 2 of
my team mate was virtually unharmed (some minor dents in the paint) and could
easily have crushed the puny remains of the Davion team. We have officaly
requsested a rematch but do not expect our motion to get accepted.


Wed, 23 November 2000 16:34:34

Congrats Davion 100k C-bills is coming your way,
which bankaccount do you whant them in ?

Totemkopfs Trustfond for Special Awards

Wed, 22 November 2000 03:01:10

Well then. Not so cocky now are you mr Dead. You are lucky
you didnt end up......Dead!
Good job Davion!

Mike Torello

Thu, 22 November 2000 02:59:55

Davion and Liao has started the Games!
The whole website has been updated, stats, recaps.

Thu, 16 November 2000 18:20:02

Fellow Warriors! The time is approaching!
This weekend, the 3050 MechGames will start officially when Marik
and Steiner clash on Solaris 7.
The Solaris 7 Terrain Crews are preparing a total of 20 possible
battlefields for the weekend, which will be selected will be of course
be selected after departure of the dropships.
The intetion of kicking off the games with an all Major houses
match-up has been cancelled, as Liao Death Heads will not be able to
arrive on Solaris 7 to this weekend, reason unknown. So the Davion-Liao
battle will be postponed untill Liao has arrived on GameWorld, but at the
latest before the start of the last fight in round 1.
Rumors from GameWorld is that the money at the bookies are on Marik
except for bets coming out of the Steiner worlds.
According to Steve Dalex Steiner will only be able to win if they can position
themselves better on the battlefield after the drop. Mike Reebok stated yesterday
that he thinks the fight will be even and the one with the most guts will be victorious.

-CE-L00 99 FX(5)-

Mon, 30 October 2000 23:53:21

Mr Dead, i never try to be funny, that wont keep you alive on the battlefield.

M. Torello

Thu, 26 October 2000 19:25:32

Mike Torello I am not sure if you where trying to be funny,
but seriously a Steiner out wit a Liao....Ha!! that would be the day.
Steiners aren't exactly know for ther cunning tacticts or their briliant
ledership, but for there no-brainer-Gung-ho-charge-with-the-biggest-mech
they have kind of tactics.
Well they have tried that before on me, and that just cost them a Dead pilot and
6 downed mechs.

Either you just showed a bad taste in humor or your better set your secret police
on checking why a Steiner spy could enter a add in the news under your name.

Cpt. Dead

Sat, 21 October 2000 15:17:11

It seems like Steiner effectively shut up Liao here on the news site
we have not seen any comments from Liao in a long time.
Who thought the Steiner would out-wit Liao.

Mike Torello

Sat, 21 October 2000 15:14:44

To whom it may concern;
I The Captain of Totenkopf Pazerfausts will pay 500 000
credits for the Head of the cum sucking Liao Dead Heads
Captain and a bonus 100 000 credits for the rest of the scumbags heads.

Most Sincerly Captain and Master of Solaris
Kaleb Dark.

Tue, 19 August 2000 20:21:14

After we, the mightiest house on solaris, have read the patethic
attempt to intimidate us we can only say, eat dust Marik creaps.
We shall pick your skulls from your dead pilots and hang them around
our belowed teamleders atlas' neck so all can see what happend when
you try to treaten us...
Captain of Totenkopfs

Tue, 19 August 2000 20:16:35

We Steiners think that Davion are about to put thier tail between
their legs and run away. we even bet 50k c-bills on that statement
so are annyone willing tho bet against us or are we right as always..

Steiner Totenkopf Pazerfausts.

Mon, 18 August 2000 18:48:54

Information have come to our knowledge that the Steiners are preparing for
the worst case scenario in the upcoming battle this weekend.
They have already made ready a document with excuses and
accusations against other houses, this document is to be released
after they lose their first fight, and they will, trust me on that one...

Mike Torello

Thu, 9 August 2000 09:40:23

How the fuck is Spawn of Chaos sounds like a bad joke but but those loosers in
that team are welcome to surender to my SUPREME POWER
i can always use some crap mechs in my target facility.

Ok enough jokes i will hunt you down I dont like bastards to com and play with me
the MASTER OF SOLARIS and the rest so run home whit your tail betwen your legs
and i will spare your sorry ass for mech battalion..

The Supreme ruler of Solaris Kaleb Dark

Thu, 9 August 2000 09:39:11

Hmm St Ives Compact what have i don in my life to get those loosers here to darn
i thought that they and Liao crap heads was F**** each other
but see so wrong i had but ok it always fun whit some cheap kills i will win the
Best killer board this season no fucking qustion about it whit does crappy
players i can go Blind folded throu the hole game and win.

the supreme master Kaleb Dark

Fri, 4 August 2000 16:54:49

The offical statement from Sian is that Liao is just upholding the good
relations they have allways enjoyed with house Kurita and House Marik. And
that no illegal activities have occured.

And in a personal interview with Cpt. Dead about the alledged crimes, he
- What!! Can't a guy take a PPC(a VERY strong drink. Editors note) or
three at the bar with a respected opponent(Hiro Kozai. Editors note) with
out getting accused, it's that snotty trouble maker Mike Reebok trying to
phantom up a scoop beaquse I refused him a interview or maybe for that
time I punched him in the face(for asking questions about beeing the first
team to surrender during the mechwarrior of the universe competion 3048.
Editors note). And since we will win this years competitions (or else my
family back home gets it. mummbeled by Cpt Dead. Editors note), and he
knows news about the Death Heads will bring in the most readers, as we
have the most fans he maid up that pomposterious story.

(During this interview Cpt Dead was somewhat intoxicated with alcohole.
editors note)

Fri, 4 August 2000 14:43:56

Information has come to our knowledge that Liao Death Heads Cpt. Dead
and Kurita Teamleader Hiro Kozai has tried to form an illegal alliance
to further their own interests against the other teams.
This is taken very seriously by the board of directors, we have
put into place a commision to investigate the two teams for any
illegal activities. We like to thank Mike Reebok for bringin this
to our attention.

Arthur H. Reindell, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Thu, 29 June 2000 23:34:22

You are as usual right Mike our nemesis is Capt. Dead Head
and we are going to make a suprise later in the season,
but i can say as much as that Cap Dead
will not be pleased with the things we will do..

Long live Steiner Totenkopfs

Wed, 21 June 2000 20:07:11

The Marik team welcomes the new proposed attitude from the Liao team.
We also agree to take the same precautions regarding the Davion AND
Steiner teams with regards to letting the have them chance to surrender.
We will follow the Liao initiativ over some time and we hope you actions
relflect your words.

- Knight of Atreus Realtions Group

Mon, 19 June 2000 11:54:19

Our divine ruler and Chancellor did a official statement today regarding
the lack of a team for this years MechGames from Davion.

	- I can understand that no sane Davion pilot would sign up for the
	MechGames after the total annihilation that happened to the 3048
	years team. But still there must me plenty of insane or other
	depraved individuals that can be sent, such as the Kurita team
	did last year, using convicted criminals in lack of real pilots.

Further in the interview the divine ruler stated

	- They need not fear us, after there performence last time our
	glorious team have received orders to not regard the davion team
	as enemy pilots but as civilian agro pilots and shall not be fired
	upon, unless they fire first. They are to be offered to surrender
	and be transferred to our majestic doctrine relearning centre.
	Where they will be swayed from the dark path of the davions, and
	will be	taught the glorious way of our free government controlled
	way of life, as if they where ordinary davion civilians.

The Chancellor also sends his prayers to our proud pilots (and there
families encase some pilot would "unfortunatly succumb during the intense
fighting on solaris"). The divine ruer finished his speech with a
hopeful prediction of the future after Isis Marik have married his
grandson, that the both realms will prosper and that Steiner and Davion
will wither down and die like a lotus blossom during a frosty night.

Brodcasted by the voice of the people -free goverment controlled radio of
Tue, 13 June 2000 15:48:55

I can only say this, your hide is mine Marik Boy´s, im gonna rip your
pretty heads off and hang them around my Atlas's neck prepare for your
worst nightmare Yellow Boy´s.


Kaleb Toten

Tue, 13 June 2000 15:29:54

I see nothing but Teams without guts when i look at this years lineup.
Liao, no comment. Steiner, bloated aristocrats with big mouths.
Kurita may be worthy a fight but then its just a bunch of pirates!

-Mike Torello

Thu, 8 June 2000 17:23:12

I just thought of that you liao bastards cant do anything usefull
take me a Stiener Totenkopfs mech pilot, i have been out practicing
shooting at Liao prisoners all day long yesterday, they screem so
funny and tries to hide in rabbit holes all the time. But that is
so typical for Liao or what do you say my dear capt Dead head
(stupid head is more apropriate for you, that's my thought
of all liao bastards).

Wed, 7 June 2000 21:16:44

The official Schedule has been posted under the INFO tab, complete with
Comments from Stevie Ray and Mike Rebook.
Mikes Team reviews will be posted within this week.

Mon, 6 June 2000 16:06:03

The Officials on GameWorld has confirmed that the 3050 season of the
new rules MechGames are in its starting phase.
Teams have gathered from all the major houses and are currently doing
their final preparation for the upcoming season opener.
The Team reviews by Mike Rebook will be broadcasted shortly.

Reporter: Steve Dalex