The Following Rules Apply For The Battle Of Captains:

1..Battle is to be held on the moon of Alderan in the Solaris system.
2..No Simulation, which will boost ratings and media coverage. And...fatalities.
3..Only captains of teams can attend.
4..Casualties(not mechs) are replaced after the event, and are not compensated for by GameWorld.
5..The winner is the last one alive on the battlefield
6..The Prize... A battlemech designed by Mad Doctor Basecase, and 3 Million C-Bills.
7..50% of signed warriors has to accept a new challenger, so first in has most power.
8..Warriors not at the moon 1 hour before the start are considered the have withdrawn.
9..Only seeded team in the event are the founders Kurita, they always have the first spot.
10.Rules 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 are forced by Kurita who are holders of the event.

Ok, we have reminded you of the rules.

The Following Captains have been accepted:
Kurita - Punisher(Temporary Teamleader) Davion - Tom Tompson Jr. Marik - Mike Torello Steiner - Herman Göring Valasek - Terminator X Liao - Captain Dead Oberon - Kamikaze Ulk Ryan - Marx