Schedule for 3050

Round 1.
	Totemkopfs 		vs. 		Knights of Atreus
	Northern Stars		vs. 		OutWorld Alliance
	Kurita Dragons		vs.		Sparta Commandoes
	Davion			vs.		Liao Death Heads	19 - 12

Round 2.
	Totemkopfs		vs.		Kurita Dragons
	Northern Stars		vs.		Sparta Commandoes
	Davion			vs.		Knight of Atreus
	Liao Death Heads	vs.		OutWorld Alliance

Round 3.
	Totemkopfs		vs.		OutWorld Alliance
	Northern Stars		vs.		Knights of Atreus
	Kurita Dragons		vs.		Davion
	Liao Death Heads	vs.		Sparta Commandoes

Round 4.
	Totemkopfs		vs.		Northern Stars
	Kurita Dragons		vs.		OutWorld Alliance
	Davion			vs.		Sparta Commandoes
	Knights of Atreus	vs.		Liao Death Heads

	(------------- MechWarrior of the Universe ---------------)

Round 5.
	Totemkopfs		vs.		Sparta Commandoes
	Northern Stars		vs.		Davion
	Kurita Dragons		vs.		Liao Death Heads
	Knights of Atreus	vs.		OutWorld Alliance

Round 6.
	Totenkopfs		vs.		Liao Death Heads
	Northern Stars		vs.		Kurita Dragons
	Davion			vs.		OutWorld Alliance
	Knight of Atreus	vs.		Sparta Commandoes

Round 7.
	Totemkopfs		vs.		Davion
	Kurita Dragons		vs.		Knights of Atreus
	Northern Stars		vs.		Liao Death Heads
	Sparta Commandoes	vs.		OutWorld Alliance

	(------------------ Start of Play-Offs--------------------)

And now some comments from Stevie Ray from MechWrap and Mike Reebok from GameWeek on the Draw.

Mike Reebok(MR): Well Stevie, this looks like a nice setup for some heavy duty carnage or what do you think?

Stevie Ray(SR): Yep, this was interesting, in the first round we have both the Steiner and the Davion teams up against their arch-rivals, Marik and Liao. We can count on i think the latter two taking thos initial victories. Steiner looks good but as always Mike Torello is a genious out there and will make the difference. For Davion if think they will have the same problems as last year, i cant see them chaning that much.

MR: But are you saying that the Death Heads will prevail over Davion?

SR: Yep

MR: I dont agree with you there, we saw in the playoffs in 3048 that Liao had problems and their initial luck did not last. Even if it looks like their management will stay the same they will lack the morale and poise a winning team needs.

SR: Ill bet you a dinner on that Mike!

SR, MR: hahahahahahah

SR: On the other note Kurita should make no mistake against the unexperienced Sparta Commandoes from St Ives, Ives has some good jocks in there but in my opinion they lack experince needed to stick it out aginst a Kurita team.

MR: Dead rivals meet again in round 2, Totemkopfs and the Dragons, lifetime enemies, this is an open one as feelings will swell on both sides and that makes things a bit open if you ask me.

SR: My money is on the Steiners, i Spoke to my contacs within Steiner and they have a surprise for us this year. They have a member of their team that carries the pretty well-known surname of ULK!!

MR: Well how about that! is it Kamikaze?

SR: They wont tell, i think it is. Kamikaze disappeared last year after the Battle of Captains and was rumored to have worked for a Mercenary team that were hired by Steiner to defend som rim worlds, so its not impossible.

MR: I think we can count a couple of fatalities and blown mechs after that one.

SR: For Sure Mike..

SR: The other big on there is Marik again facing off against one of the big ones, Davion will be the opposition there, interesting match up. I think this might be the pivotal game for both of these teams, the one who wins will be a top contender for the final.

MR: Northern Stars, having one of the easiest Draws this year go up against their second minor power in their second fight. The Swedes should pick this on up pretty easily, but those Pirates can never be counted out. We have seen them upset big teams in the past. My outsider this yearis definately the Sparta Commandoes.

SR: Dont think so Mike, OutWorld, OutWorld, OutWorld. They have a lot of experience from other places that St Ives lack.

MR: Time will tell and you will eat your hat....

SR: Well after that i think stamina will take the best teams through MotU and on to round 6 and 7 which posts interesting match-ups.

MR: Yeah, we have Liao against Steiner in 6th and Steiner against Davion in the last round. Thats a tough one for Steiner!

SR: IF Steiner has firepower worthy more than in 3048 they will be the decision maker for the whole competition in these two rounds, i think they might find themselves in the situation where either, or both, of Davion and Liao MUST win against Steiner to advance to playoffs. And of course if Steiner can win those 2 they are sure to advance easily.

MR: hmm.. great stuff it will be, im looking forward to see some desperate Liaos doing there best on Totemkopfs. Well that wraps it up for us as you usually say Stevie?

SR: Right about that Mike, catch you on the MechWrap Holoshow next time!